The Problem: 
Research Findings: 
Our Users in Mind: 
Story Board
- Renee finds the app "Frio Verde" that locates all the available community fridges in her area, and she downloads the app. 
- Renee gathers the extra food and feels remorse for having it go to waste, then remembers hearing about community fridges in her area.
- Renee gathers all the extra food she has and drives to the nearest location.
- Upon arrival Renee looks at the app to identify the community fridge, places her items inside for others to enjoy!
UI Design:
Perks & Prizes: 
Revisions & User Testing: 
Hi-Fidelity Screens: 
During our design process we made sure to prioritize our user's experience for donating their unused items to be intuitive and simple.
After our user testing process we made sure to make it easy for our users to locate a Frio Verde fridge to make as these donations for others to enjoy! 
Login Page & Fridge Locator
3 Easy Donation Steps
Profile Screen

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